jamaican-patties-altBy NAN Travel Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 28, 2017: Jamaican Patties, that delicious a pastry made like a turnover but filled with exotic savoury fillings including not just ground beef but jerked chicken, curried chicken, and callaloo. It is one of those dishes that like the Jamaican jerk chicken, has ‘assimilated’ into the palettes of many globally, including across the US and even in US military commissaries worldwide. So where can you find good Jamaican patties in the US? Here are our top ten pick according to Yelp readers reviews from major cities across the country:

Bronx, New York

In New York City, Kingston Tropical Bakery at 4000 White Plains Road in the Bronx takes the title for Best Jamaican Patty in the Big Apple hands down. It’s garnered over 86 reviews on Yelp, the most of any other patty shop and diners rave about the flavor, taste and variety of the patties that includes not just beef or chicken but also caters to the vegetarian palette.

Miami, FL

curry-pattiesIn Miami, Yelp reviewers rage about Sonia’s Patties at 10852 SW 104th Street, Miami, FL. Sonia’s serves a wide variety of patties including  beef (mild or hot), curry chicken, lobster and shrimp. This is a takeout place but you can also call ahead with your order, because most of the patties are baked to order.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

In Fort Lauderdale, Charlie’s Pastries at 4265 NW 12th St, Lauderhill, FL gets the votes of many Yelp readers for the best patties there. They also cater to vegetarians with a veggie patty and the prices here are pretty reasonable. They also have a location in Tamarac at 4261 W Commercial Blvd.

Charlotte, NC

It’s hard to get Caribbean food in the South but you can get a decent beef patty at Lawrence Caribbean Restaurant at 3011 West Blvd. Charlotte, NC. It’s spicy but not too hot and seems to be loved by Yelpers there.

Philadelphia, PA

If you have a craving for a patty in Philly, check out Jamaica D’s food truck which is often at 1700 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia and also at 1265 E Chelten Ave., Philadelphia, PA.  Yelpers rave about their delicious, inexpensive food and patties!

Washington, D.C.

In D.C, Yelpers claim you can get a good beef patty at Crown Bakery, located at 5409 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC, b/t N Jefferson & N Kennedy Streets.

New Jersey

Craving a patty in New Jersey? Head over to 390 Valley St., South Orange and check out J & J Caribbean Restaurant. Yelpers here are all the rage about the flaky crust and delicious beef and cheese patties.

Good-Jamaican-Patties In-The-USConnecticut

In Connecticut, if you are looking for a Jamaican patty, head over to Kingston Kafe at 730 Barnum Ave Cutoff, Stratford, CT. They carry both beef and chicken patties here.

Los Angeles, CA

In LA, the most Yelps went to Sattdown Jamaican Grill at 11320 Ventura Blvd in Studio City, CA for its chicken, seafood and veggie patties so when on the West Coast and in need of a patty, check them out.

Chicago, IL

If the craving hits you in Chi-town, head over to the Caribbean American Bakery at 1539 W Howard St., Chicago. Yelpers rave about the curry beef patty here but they also serve a veggie patty as well.

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