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Team Jamaica Bickle, a Diaspora Organization, turns 21 this April.


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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 13, 2015: The countdown to the 121st staging of the annual Penn Relays has begun and Jamaican-American organization Team Jamaica Bickle (TJB) is also counting down to its 21st year.

With the Relays set for April 23-25, 2015 in Philadelphia, Team Jamaica Bickle is once again getting into gear to host Caribbean high school athletes for the 21st year. Numerous activities are on tap to assist in its fundraising efforts.

TJB Philadelphia kicked off its slate of activities on Sunday, March 8, with a huge brunch at the Calabash Restaurant in Philadelphia.

As in previous years, TJB, New York and the Philadelphia chapter will hold their annual awards receptions in mid-April to honor the sterling contributions to track and field and is the official launch-event leading up to Penn.

Twenty-one years ago, when the idea to feed athletes stirred in the brains of Irwine Clare, Snr., O.D, and Blane Stoddart, (Young Friends of TJB), never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined the growth. What was once a `shoe- string and glue operation,’ is now a `well-oiled machine,’ an organization which juggles several events each season, a handful of volunteers in tow, as it wends its way down the track to the relays.

In addition to the awards, there are several church services planned for across the tri-state and Philadelphia; two breakfast events (New York & Washington D.C./Maryland/Virginia); the annual (and very popular) community forum in Philadelphia,  and the newest addition this year, “Champs Live,” which will be streamed courtesy of Caribbean Television Network (CTVN TV) to over 40 venues across the Diaspora. Magnet Lounge in Elmont L.I., will be the place to be for New York area residents.  TJB has also seen interest for its activities from Diaspora organizations in other cities among them, Houston, Texas and continues to receive strong support from Boston JUMP in Massachusetts.

“Twenty-one years later, I can say unreservedly, that we have laid a solid foundation,” says TJB’s CEO Clare. “We are at the point where we can now expand our platform of providing basic amenities, to include issues such as the health and lifestyle of our athletes. We decided to pay keen attention to health in light of incidences in recent years, where a few of our athletes have suffered fatal heart attacks in competition. To that end we have partnered with medical entities in the Diaspora, primarily, JAHJAH (Jamaicans abroad helping Jamaicans at home) Foundation to provide defibrillators for schools in Jamaica. The goal is one in every school.”

For more information on Team Jamaica Bickle or to lend support call 718.523.2861 or email [email protected]. Information may also be found at or on twitter, @teamjambickle.


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