News Americas, LOS ANGELES, CA, Tues. Oct. 5, 2021: As a Caribbean national who barely gets to visit or get your fill of good national dishes, what can you do to fill the void, especially if you are short on time and on a strict work-out regiment. Here are three dishes you can make and eat that’s both filling, nostalgic, and best suited for a pre-or post workout.

Huevos Habaneros

This traditional Cuban dish gets its name from the city of Havana, Cuba. It’s primarily made from eggs, which are a great source of protein required by your muscles. Eggs also contain the vitamin known as biotin, which might help maintain your hair and prevent brittle nails.

Other ingredients include onions, bell peppers, garlic, tomatoes, white wine, habanero peppers, cumin, paprika powder, and butter.

For a lighter breakfast, you can do without paprika or habanero peppers. That is if your stomach is on the sensitive side. Otherwise, these spices will get your metabolism working to its full potential!

First, you need to sauté all the vegetables in butter, pour the white wine into the skillet, and boil the mixture until around half of the liquid evaporates.

Second, you place the mixture into separate ramekins, topped with eggs, then bake them in the oven till the eggs get fully cooked.

Of course, you can opt-out of adding wine, but remember that you will boil the mixture in a skillet, so a lot of the alcohol will evaporate anyways.

Also, make sure not to add too much butter (around two teaspoons will be enough) to avoid extra calories.

Banana-Citrus Smoothie

A smoothie that goes well with a club sandwich is a citrus smoothie.

But not any citrus smoothie. This one includes frozen bananas, lemon juice, tangerine juice, yogurt, and honey.

With the pandemic still at large, you’ll have to load your body with as much Vitamin C as you can. So, combining lemon and tangerine will give you the Vitamin C requirement you need. That’s not all; bananas contain potassium, a vasodilator, which expands your blood vessels to let oxygen travel quickly to your heart and lungs.

Also, yogurt is packed with good bacteria that improve your digestion and flourish your gut. And don’t forget the sweet taste of honey that’s a known antibacterial!

To prepare this simple and healthy smoothie, blend banana, lemon juice, tangerine juice, honey, and yogurt along with some ice cubes. You can whirl more lemon juice or honey, but that’s up to your taste.

Chicken With Mangoes

Besides munching on eggs, you can try another source of protein like chicken.

If you’re thinking about going out for a run late afternoon, grill some chicken and couple it with a cup of rice for an added boost of energy. The rice will provide you with the energy you need to sustain your jog.

As a final step, chop mango and add some slices next to the chicken. Mangoes will give you the hydration and sugar you require to start your exercise with a bang!

You can also add some onions and cilantro for a more flavorful taste.

And after returning from your workout, you can chill on the sofa with one of Pantry Food Co’s exquisite choices of edibles! From cocoa goodness to mushroom heaven, take your pick!

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