Film Focuses On Garifuna People In The Caribbean

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News Americas, KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Fri. June 28, 2013: A new film by award-winning documentary filmmaker, Andrea Leland, is focusing on the Garifuna people and their culture on the island of St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Leland, who produced The Garifuna Journey, has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for her upcoming film Yurumein, which focuses on the revival of Garifuna culture on the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean.

For the past two hundred years, Garifuna/Carib culture had been all but lost on the island of St. Vincent. The Indigenous Garifuna, descendants of Carib and Arawak and West African people, once lived freely on the island of St. Vincent for hundreds of years. After the defeat of their chief, Chatoyer, most were forced into hiding and eventually exiled by British colonial forces during the 18th century. Only a handful remained in hiding on St. Vincent.

Leland is seeking to raise $20,000 to complete post-production on the film. She has completed shooting the footage for YURUMEIN in both St. Vincent in Los Angeles. She is now in the critical stage of post-production. She hopes to raise the funds to complete the film and screen it at film festivals, community groups, classrooms and, of course, widely within the Garifuna Diaspora.

You can watch a trailer for the film, read more about the film and make a tax-deductable donation at