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News Americas, TORONTO, Canada, Mon. July 30, 2018: In various different forms, gambling is legal throughout Canada. However, it is regulated to varying extents within the different provinces and territories of the country.

Where you are exactly in Canada determines specifically what type of gambling is legal and what age you must be to participate, however there is some illegal gambling that still goes on within the country in terms of betting at home, non-regulated video gambling and some forms of online betting which can sometimes pose challenges to the authorities.

The many different forms of legalized gambling in Canada include racetracks, bingo halls, video lottery terminals, video slot machines, lotteries and casino operations.

The most popular type of Canadian gambling is probably that of casino gambling. There are now in excess of 100 casinos country wide, with some very flashy Vegas style casinos in locations such as Quebec, Montreal and Niagara Falls. The highest concentration of casinos in one location is found in the province of Ontario, which has more than 25, with 5 of those being resorts. You can only enter a casino in the country if you are 19, unless you are in Manitoba, Quebec or Alberta, where the legal age is 18.

Gambling in Canada has become more and more accepted as the years have gone by and it is now seen as a perfectly acceptable choice of leisure activity to partake in. The acceptance of gambling was kick started in 1969, the year which saw the Criminal Code changed to allowance territories and provinces to raise much needed revenues for worthwhile causes such as charities through means such as regulated lotteries. Nowadays the lotteries bring in a lot of money for Canadian governments and the amount of gambling that is government regulated now includes the likes of horse racing and casino style gambling.

Generally when people are thinking where to go within the western world to gamble they will look to Las Vegas, gambling capital of the world, or Atlantic City, the East coast’s answer to Vegas. This is a shame because Quebec and Alberta for example are places that should be considered, as they are just two of the locations Canada has to offer that are home to great gambling and casino resorts. If you do happen to find yourself in Canada though and would like to experience a Vegas-style experience then definitely check out either the Montreal Casino or the Niagara Fallsview Casino resort, both of which will blow your mind. Furthermore, let’s not forget that several online casino brands are available as well, with PartyCasino on top of the list due to the high calibre of service everyone can enjoy.

To ensure that the Canadian casinos and economy don’t lose money to the USA it is vital that they take steps to legalize single sports betting within the country, as this has now taken place in America. If Canada doesn’t follow suit it really could become a big problem and it is very likely jobs and money would indeed both be lost to the USA.

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