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SANDALS- 4th of July

News Americas,  NEW YORK, NY, Fri. JULY 3, 2019: Here are the top stories making news from across Latin America for the week-ending July 3, 2019:

Honduran Immigrant Yimi Alexis Balderramos-Torres, 30, Has Become The 6th Immigrant To Die In US ICE Custody So Far This Year.

The drowned El Salvadorean migrant father Óscar Martínez and his daughter Valeria were buried in their native country on Monday.

A judge in Venezuela has announced that imprisoned lawmaker Juan Requesens will face trial for allegedly trying to kill President Nicolás Maduro in 2018.

US officials are investigating a secret Facebook group where border patrol members allegedly posted racist and sexist jokes about migrants.

Panama’s new President Laurentino “Nito” Cortizo vowed to curb corruption and close the wealth gap in the isthmus nation at his swearing-in ceremony.

Costa Rica’s education minister Edgar Mora resigned on Monday following protests against policies including his support for gender-neutral bathrooms.

Ecuador’s government has sent about 2,400 police and soldiers to crack down on a major illegal gold mine that is dominated by heavily armed crime groups.

The EU should increase pressure on the Nicaraguan government to curb human rights violations by police, Human Rights Watch said Tuesday.

Millions of sky gazers were left in awe Tuesday as the moon blocked out the sun over Chile and Argentina.

And Brazil beat Argentina 2-0 in the Copa América semi-finals Thursday.

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