Obama’s Bloody Hand.

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 21, 2016:  “Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s few remaining absolute monarchies.” This very accurate description from a New York Times article last Sunday is in tandem with Barack Obama’s support for the Saudi massacres in Yemen being exposed…

… as just yet one more story in the REALITY of President Obama.

If only President Barack Obama really was the enlightened progressive President the many millions who have FOOLED themselves into believing he is rather than the ever so typical President like his predecessors.

For 8 years, while giving weak Lip Service to the atrocities of Goons known as the Saud Family – all of whom should be in jail for CRIMES against humanity – Barack Obama has lavished support on the Sauds.

Does that make Obama complicit in their crimes ESPECIALLY since virtually ALL the high powered weaponry the Sauds use is courtesy of the United States government – fully approved by President Obama for 8 years?

Put another way, one of Obama’s primary jobs the last 8 years has been keeping Saudi Arabia meaning the Saud Family of Cut Throats HAPPY.

Did I already mention …

“Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s few remaining absolute monarchies”

So let’s get to the Sauds latest atrocity YEMEN …

Let’s turn to a lead editorial in The New York Times, October 11, 2016 .. “America’s Moral Duty in Yemen.”

“Air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition that devastated a funeral in Yemen on Saturday make it clear that the United States must end its complicity in a civil war that has caused a humanitarian catastrophe in one of the world’s poorest countries and fueled extremism. It is within President Obama’s power to do so. Saudi Arabia and its Gulf state allies depend on Washington for aircraft, munitions, training and in-flight refueling. The United States also helps Saudi Arabia guard its borders.”

It appears President Obama is not listening to The New York Times as much as they praise him constantly on almost every other issue.

The Times editorial goes on ….

“The administration insists its support for the coalition isn’t a “blank check.” But so far it has offered only stern words in response to an ever widening list of coalition attacks on civilians and civilian facilities that under international law are not legitimate military targets. If the Saudis refuse to halt the carnage and resume negotiations on a political settlement, Mr. Obama should end military support.”

Again Barack Obama is NOT listening …

And then this ….”Otherwise, America could be implicated in war crimes and be dragged even deeper into the conflict.”

AGAIN …. “Otherwise, America could be implicated in war crimes and be dragged even deeper into the conflict.”

President Obama could be GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES!!!
That from The New York Times!!!!

Here is a recent example of the Saud Family using American WEAPONS …

“The Saudi strikes killed more than 140 mourners and wounded hundreds at a funeral in Sana, the capital, which is controlled by Houthi rebels, an indigenous Shiite group with loose connections to Iran. The dead reportedly included many members of prominent tribes in northern Yemen as well as political and military leaders who supported peace talks to end the conflict.”

That’s right …. “The Saudi strikes killed more than 140 mourners and wounded hundreds at a funeral in Sana, the capital” ALL INNOCENTS.

What was President Obama’s response? He ordered American ships to launch a missile attack against the rebel positions in Yemen the Sauds are trying to destroy because they were a threat to American ships. Really?

At the same time here is what Obama has done for the Saud butchers according to this New York Times editorial … “Mr. Obama has supported the Saudi war effort in Yemen and sold the Saudis a total of $110 billion in arms, including a recent $1.15 billion order for tanks and other weapons, to appease Riyadh’s anger over the Iran deal. The tank sale went forward even though some administration officials have been worried that it could implicate the United States in war crimes. “

Again why? “To appease Riyadh’s anger over the Iran deal.” And why exactly were the Sauds opposed to the Iran deal because the Saud Family wanted the U.S. to bomb Iran back to the Stone Age. Why because the Saud Family considers Iran their rival for influence in the Middle East.

IF President Obama had either the Back Bone or the morality all his fans here in the U.S. falsely claim for Barack Obama IF he was that President … President Obama would have told the Saud Butchers to SHOVE IT!!

I’m going to end this week’s episode here as I prepare for our milestone 300th episode next week which is also our HALLOWEEN episode …. what a powerful and inspiring combination. Hope I do it and Obama justice.







About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.



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