News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. May 2, 2023: Royal Caribbean, one of the largest cruise lines in the world, has stirred up controversy among its Casino Royale program participants by making a controversial move.

The said change may cause concern among gamblers and benefit competitors such as Carnival and MSC, as it affects the reward system for players on Royal Caribbean’s ships.

The Importance of Rewards in the Casino Gambling Program

Many gamblers obsess over casino gambling rewards programs, which are offered by every cruise line. These rewards have high stakes, ranging from free drinks in the casino to actual free cruises.

Royal Caribbean’s Casino Royale program provides different types of rewards for players who gamble on its ships. The program has tier status, and if a player hits “Prime” status, they receive free drinks in the casino and an annual free cruise in an interior cabin.

However, the second type of perk, the “offers,” is much more mysterious. These are emailed to customers, and  Royal Caribbean does not share how it determines who receives offers. They have nothing to say about their exact formula for evaluating a player’s value.

Offers are most likely based on the amount a player spends on a trip, but the cruise line does not disclose the specifics. These offers also tend to vary greatly, with some people receiving discounts, and others getting free suites.

Additionally, there may be a limit on the number of free cruises a player can book while still receiving offers.

Confusion Among Royal Caribbean Customers

When a player receives a free offer, it covers whatever class of room they are offered for two people.

However, some members of the Royal Caribbean Club Royale Facebook group have reported that they have received offers where only the first person is free, and the other must pay the full casino fare.

Solo travelers will also pay a “solo supplement.” This means that a “free” cruise is not entirely free under this new system. In the traditional system, a “free” offer requires that a player only pays taxes and port fees for each person.

The issue with having a somewhat mysterious rewards system is that players just don’t know if they’re receiving a good deal.

Now, these new “solo” offers are not replacing the traditional dual occupancy offers, but they seem to be a specific promotion sent only to some Casino Royale members.

This promotion may be seen as a discount offer not all that different from the “dollars off” offers that some people receive. However, Royal Caribbean continues to send some onboard casino gamblers the traditional offers that offer a truly free (aside from taxes and fees) cabin.

The move by Royal Caribbean has caused confusion and outrage among gamblers who are part of the Casino Royale program. Multiple Facebook groups on cruises discuss every quirk of the program. Many people are endlessly debating how offers are sent, and some are simply sharing the offers they’re getting.

Ultimately, this move has caused some gamblers to consider switching to competitors such as Carnival and MSC, which have more generous free cruise programs and more transparent rewards systems.

Royal Caribbean Controversies

It’s worth noting that Carnival Cruise Line has a system where comped Royal Caribbean customers can sail free on one of their sailings, and MSC also has a similar program. While the eligibility standards for a free cruise are not fully clear, it is evident that these competitors offer more transparent rewards systems.

Royal Caribbean’s Casino Royale program is not the only area of controversy for the cruise line. The company has faced criticism for its environmental impact, labor practices, and its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In April 2021, Royal Caribbean announced that it would require all crew members to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The company has also been sued over its handling of a 2019 incident where one of its ships sailed into a storm and had to be evacuated, resulting in the death of one passenger.


The Royal Caribbean Casino Royale program’s recent change in the rewards system has caused outrage among gamblers who are part of the program.

The new system for rewards is more mysterious, and players just don’t feel the excitement. Instead, they’re now unsure of how fair the cruise ship is in terms of its promotions.

With this, some of their customers are now considering switching to competitors such as Carnival and MSC, which have more transparent rewards systems.

It remains to be seen if the company will change its Casino Royale program to be more transparent and regain the trust of its gamblers.

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