News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. July 2, 2020: It is always fun playing the Jane Blonde Slot at your favourite online casino such as But, watching women in action at movies is also fun. Seeing a woman strap up and get ready for battle is quite intriguing, especially when they get to thrash their male counterparts in the end.

The 21st Century surely has some of the best female action movies in Hollywood. And, they will be doing it way better than the male action heroes too. Here is a list of some of the movies that can satisfy that woman empowerment enthusiasm.

Proud Mary

The movie takes its name from the Tina Turner “Proud Mary” song.  And, it has a phenomenal female actress playing the lead role as well, Taraji P. Henson. Therefore, you will get a double serving of the best women in the entertainment industry.

Henson plays the role of a female assassin who feels obligated to take care of the child of one of the men she killed years before.  But, saving him from the drug lord of the streets will need more than a kind heart.


Nothing beats the wrath of a mother who has lost her family. Especially if the killers end up walking away scot-free while she is charged with insanity. Jennifer Garner gets one of the best comebacks of her career in this 2018 movie. According to americancasinosites casino there’s a similar online slot based on the movie.

Garner plays a dedicated mother who has to take matters into her own hands to correct a corrupt, cruel and uncaring society. While the killers of her family will definitely die gruesome deaths, some are just punished for being cruel. Therefore, be kind to everyone, you never know!


2018 must have been the year for intensive women appreciation. We have all seen the power that Viola Davis has in the courtroom on How to get away with murder. But, she proves that she can actually do more as a thief!

The actress plays the leader of a group of women who go ahead and execute a robbery plan set by their husband before their untimely deaths.

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