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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 19, 2018: This week we bring you a unique recipe from Guyana called Metemgee or simply, Metem. Metem is a Guyanese Creole soup of sorts made with dumplings, cassava, yam, plantains, okra and a hot peppery coconut milk sauce. It’s normally served with crispy fried fish of your choice on the side in addition to the meats and eggs added.


2 Sweet Potatoes

1 whole Cassava/Yuca (or 5 frozen pieces)

2 Very Ripe Plantains

2-3 eggs

1-piece ham hock, smoked turkey or 1 lb salted beef (skip if you are a vegetarian)

Four pieces of fileted tilapia or other fish, seasoned

6 Okras, whole

2 Corn on the Cob

1 Medium Onion – chopped finely

3 Garlic Cloves – crushed

3-4 Fresh Thyme sprigs

1 Whole Scotch Bonnet Pepper

2 spring onions, sliced

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp tomato paste

1 Can of Coconut Milk

1 Vegetable Stock cube

1 1/2 cup Water

Oil (to fry)


For the Dumplings

2 cups of plain flour

1 pinch of salt

1 tbsp butter/ margarine

1 cup water or milk if you prefer


  1. Peel all the root vegetables and slice length ways into 7″ long chunks. Try not to slice them too thinly as they may disintegrate whilst cooking.
  2. Place in a bowl and wash with cold water.
  3. Add all roots vegetables along with salted beef or ham hock or smoked turkey and corn to a tall pot.
  4. Add coconut milk, water and salt to taste along with onion, garlic, thyme along with whole pepper. Turn heat on medium and start cooking.
  5. Cut the ripe plantain into 3 chunks (with the skin on) and place in a separate pot of water to boil.
  6. Make the dumpling by mixing all the ingredients listed under ‘dumplings’ together. Shape the dumplings as you wish and refrigerate for later.
  7. Trim the Okras ‘top and tail’ and set aside.
  8. Once meat, root vegetables and corn seem mostly cooked, add in whole eggs and ripe plantains.
  9. Add vegetable stock cube and season further to taste. Then add the dumplings and okras, placing them gently at the top of the root vegetables and be careful not to stir the pot too much.
  10. This dish is complete when the dumplings, eggs and okras are cooked through. Give it a final taste to ensure salt is to taste.
  11. Fry seasoned fileted fish.

PS: Eliminate meat, egg and fish addition if you are vegan.

Enjoy hot with fried fish to the side of your plate and the egg unshelled. USA, LLC

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