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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. July 21, 2021: The legalization of cannabis has led to a sudden increase in its demands. It is also being harvested industrially as well as at homes. The process of acquiring the best weed is far from easy. It is the one that requires a lot of effort.

You might think that the harvesting of a cannabis plant will be the final stage of weed production, but the story is far from over. It actually begins after the harvest because the cannabis buds need to be curated before they are used.

The trimming process of buds is the next step after the harvest. It is required to give a smoother look to the product and to increase its potency of cannabinoids especially THC. The trimmed buds are less likely to get mold formation.

Types of Trimming

Wet trimming of marijuana is one of the trimming types. In this the harvester trims the buds before drying. The benefits of trimming the buds right after harvest are many. Including the ease of trimming because the bud is less likely to break, the quicker drying process because no leaves capture water content and the reduced the amount of storage required for buds.

The disadvantage is that trimming right after harvest can be messy because the buds are too sticky. The trimmed-out buds are prone to premature drying which can result in an inferior quality product. The leaves are trimmed out which is necessary to maintain humidity.

Dry trimming your buds is done after drying them up. The process has its benefits such as: right humidity levels are maintained; the process becomes less messy and the flavor of the marijuana product is enhanced.

The disadvantages are that the buds are more prone to breaking because they are dry. The buds can also get mold because of too much moisture being retained by the leaves during the drying period.

You can find a more detailed guide here on wet drying trimming.

The Benefits of Trimming

Trimming your marijuana has many benefits. The looks of your marijuana can make or break the deal. You don’t want your boys to think that you are smoking something subpar. Trimming of the marijuana bud can make it look aesthetic and give it a smoother look. And you can pridefully take them out of the jar and present them to yourself.

The trimming process also enhances the aroma of the bud. The trichomes or the glands that excrete this aromatic compound can disintegrate if you take too long to trim the buds. The cutting of leaves helps the release of these compounds and makes it more pleasurable to smoke.

The sugar leaves have a bitter taste and can irritate your lungs. The trimming of these leaves will give you a smoother smoking experience. The leaves have far lesser THC content than the buds, so it is better to trim them down.

You can follow these steps to not only get the best weed, but it will give you a high that is only found in the dispensary weed. Remember, that you will improve your trimming technique over time and you should not get disappointed if it does not look good on the first try.

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