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By NAN Sports Editor

 News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 23, 2018: A Pakistan-born cricketer was called out on Twitter this week after taking what some see as a racist dig at former West Indies skipper, Darren Sammy.

As third season of the Pakistan Super League kicked off, Sammy was erroneously introduced as a “Khan” during the presser — a nod to him leading the Peshawar Zalmis to victory last year.

“My Friend said you name ‘Darren Sammy Khan,’ i have never seen a pathan like you, that’s why LEGEND left you,” Shoaib Malik, reportedly said.

Twitter slammed back, calling the comment racist.

“Just how lame is Shoaib Malik?,” one cricket fan tweeted while another added: “Shoaib Malik is a scar on the prestige of the Malik clan.”

Sammy, however, seemed to have taken no offense at the comment.



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