What’s Up With The House Sub-Committee On Citizenship & Immigration?

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., heads up this sub-committee.
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By Felicia J. Persaud

News Americas, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, Fri. May 17, 2019: In this era where the Trump administration has made immigrants their target and number one scapegoats, it is disconcerting that we have heard very little from the Democratically controlled House Sub-Committee on Citizenship & Immigration.

Sure, we hear almost daily now about the Judiciary committee, but when last have you heard a peep from the Citizenship & Immigration sub-committee?

In all the madness occurring on the immigration front, one would think for sure now that Democrats are in control of the House, we would be hearing daily from the members of this sub-committee.

But no, nothing recently from this sub-committee which as part of the Judiciary Committee has “jurisdiction over immigration and naturalization, border security, admission of refugees, treaties, conventions and international agreements, claims against the United States, federal charters of incorporation, private immigration and claims bills, and non-border enforcement.”

How about its chair, Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren? A recent Google news search of this Congresswoman I have never heard a peep from on television or read about reacting to all of the atrocities against immigrants committed by El Trumpeto and company, shows that she has not even bothered to comment on immigration in recent months.

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Instead, the news search showed her mainly more concerned about the Mueller report and Barr et al. In other words, the current Democratic madness that is playing to the strengths of Trump and his love of chaos and litigation rather than the immigrants who are jailed, separated and in limbo across this country.

Further, a search of all immigration bills introduced to Congress this year and referred to this sub-committee by Democrats show that no one, – not a single Democrat – has bothered to introduce a comprehensive immigration reform bill that can be passed through committee and brought to the floor for a House vote this year.

Aside from all of small piecemeal bills, 30 in all by Democratic lawmakers, the one that stands out is H.R. 6. The American Dream and Promise Act of 2019 was introduced on March 12 and has 230 co-sponsors. Its goal was to help Dreamers, but it is still languishing in this committee.

This as Dreamers all across the country are in limbo, living in fear.; border cells are becoming overcrowded with the crisis at the border and no end in sight there and as the administration moved forward Friday with a proposed draconian rule to make it harder for undocumented immigrants to access federally subsidized housing — the latest crackdown on immigrants who use public assistance.

Yet, all the while, all that is dominating the news cycle and Democrats attention is the “unredacted Mueller report.” The lack of focus on real issues, germane to Americans across the country, puts Democrats in jeopardy come 2020, as Trump continues to feed the Kool-Aid to his base and the American public of voters gets fatigued and tired of the madness in Washington.

Democrats were given a mandate to deal with real issues in 2016. Immigration is a top issue of the day and immigrants deserve more from the Democratically controlled House sub-committee languishing on bills that can make a difference in the lives of real immigrants and everyday New Americans.


The writer is publisher at NewsAmericasNow