This screen grab shows a scene from kevin2wokrayzee’s video take on Hurricane Matthew.

By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, MIAMI, FL, Tues. Oct. 4, 2016: A Caribbean-born YouTuber who has managed to secure 5 million views of his channels, if offering up a humorous take on Hurricane Matthew’s approach to Jamaica that has quickly gone viral.

The creative artist who goes simply by the name ‘kevin2wokrayzee’ and says he is “just a young dude on a journey and I feel my purpose here on this earth is to bring laughter to the sometimes sad and angry faces of this earth,” has many Caribbean nationals and especially Jamaicans laughing indeed over his digital take on the storm.

The 1 minute plus digital video – ‘Jamaica vs. Hurricane Matthew’ – has secured over 35,000 views on his YouTube channel last night and has been viewed millions of times as well on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Dozens also were commenting on the artist’s YouTube page last night. In the video, Hurricane Matthew is seen boasting of its strength in Jamaican patois as it approaches Jamaica and as it gets closer, a gun appears as a Jamaican man, speaking in patois chases off the storm which backs down and races off speaking Haitian Kreyole.

Check out ‘kevin2wokrayzee’s’ humorous take on the storm below:

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