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By Felicia J. Persaud

News Americas, MIAMI, FL, Fri. June 1, 2018: So much for all the talk about The Donald being eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize for simply getting a date to dialogue with North Korea’s dictator on their nuclear arms program.

With the summit off, so too is that idiotic proposal from none other than a bunch of Kool-Aid drinking, right wing GOPers, who thought it was a great idea to promote such absurdity. What boloney!

What Donald Trump truly deserves is ‘The Xenophobe Of The Year Prize.’ It certainly trumps the award for ‘Stupidest Person In The World’ and ‘Dotard Of The Year.’

And so, this week, I take this opportunity on behalf of all immigrants in the United States, to present Donald John Trump, sadly for us the 45th and current President of the United States, with the first ‘Xenophobe Of The Year Prize’ as a sitting US President.

Congrats Donald!

This award is being presented to you for the following:


Forconsistently delighting your supporters with your racist and xenophobic diatribes that scapegoats’ immigrants.

This includes:

  • Creating an atmosphere of hate and divisiveness in the country where some Whites feels empowered to call the police on people of color; to abuse and threaten immigrants in public like New York City lawyer, Aaron Schlossberg and to racially profile American-born second-generation immigrants of color for speaking Spanish or looking “illegal.”
  • For creating a Nazi-like atmosphere where immigrants and people of color in these United States are living in fear.
  • For empowering already racist immigration agents to round-up and profile immigrants across the country, breaking up families and imprisoning immigrants who have committed no crimes.
  • For threatening to mass deport thousands of immigrants who were protected under DACA and TPS programs.
  • For putting a policy in place to keep people out of the US based on their religion and that only.
  • For making up facts to slander all brown and black immigrants constantly such as making up Hispanic names and describing potential crimes they could have committed, like rape or murder” as the Washington Post reported on May 25th.
  • For painting immigrants who enter the US and all immigrants constantly as rapists, criminals and MS-13 gang members.
  • For claiming that Haiti and some African nations are S-Hole Country.
  • For saying Mexico is sending rapists and criminals across the border.
  • For saying 15,000 Haitians who received US visas “all have AIDS” and 40,000 Nigerians would never “go back to their huts” after seeing the US.
  • For lying that thousands and not a few hundred Central American immigrants were seeking asylum in the US and leaving them like dogs lying on the Mexican side of the US border.
  • For trying to paint family migration with the racist term, ‘chain migration,’ and claiming that immigrants who enter though this program and through the green card lottery are “the worst” and that countries are sending terrorists here.
  • For falsely claiming that many of the young unaccompanied minors let into the US in the past are MS-13 gang members. In reality, out of 50,000 unaccompanied minors who entered the United States from 2011 to 2017, only 56 had a demonstrated or suspected affiliation with the gang.
  • For ignoring cases where immigrants are slaughtered by White Americans, such as the shooting of a Pakistani teen last week at the Santa Fe High School by an American born teen but by painting a picture of immigrants murdering and running amok killing Native-born Americans.
  • For tapping immigration hard-liner Ronald Mortensen to be the assistant secretary of state for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.

I can go on, but space does not permit me.

So, I end by again congratulating you on this historic honor.

Hope you will share the honor at your next rally with your tribe of White Supremacists, right wing conspirators, zealots, xenophobes and Kool-Aid drinking ‘Make America White Again’ GOP racists.


The writer is CMO at Hard Beat Communications, Inc. which owns the brands: NewsAmericasNow, CaribPRWire and InvestCaribbeanNow.


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